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Finding Your Social Security Disability Lawyer Is Easy

The information on this site can help you understand the process you will face during the initial application or in contesting a denial. Contact us for free professional assistance.
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Georgia Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you live in Georgia

This page provides information useful to residents of the state of Georgia. Additionally, we include some information on Social Security offices in the capital, Atlanta, and some very useful information on free medical care throughout GA.

"Sweet as a peach" and loved by all, that's us Georgians. Corporate home for Coca Cola (Atlanta) and famous cities like Savannah and Macon keep us remembered by all. And if you've ever driven route 20 into Atlanta, you know we mean business. Our folks are hard workers and proud of it. We seek the American dream of a high quality life, a secure home environment and dreams of a better future. But when one of our numbers gets injured, either on the job, or in ways that prevent further employment, the dream can become a nightmare. The Social Security Administration was created to help citizens handle such difficulties. If you are injured and file successful claim, you will qualify for benefits that can change your life for the better. Learn as much as possible from this site, and contact your local SSA office (local Atlanta offices below).

Regardless of where in Georgia you reside, the consequences of a disability are much more than physical discomfort, medical care, loss of function. In addition to the stress of the disability itself, there is the financial strain when the cost of medical bills is added to everyday household expenses. Social Security disability benefits often provide the only way that many GA families are able to stay afloat. Learn your rights as a US citizen. The Social Security disability insurance benefits are available only to those who apply for them. Of course you must meet their standards and requirements, but everyone has the right to file a claim. If you are injured, one of the most important things to do is to file early. There are many claimants, and the wait can be significant. But be patient, keep good medical records, and learn as much as possible about the claims process. An attorney may be advisable if you are uncomfortable dealing with the bureaucracy, but is unnecessary. The important thing is to understand what claims are considered valid, and how to present the information in the best light. If you qualify, it is your right to claim the benefits that can help you weather this storm. Because of the large number of denials, it is very important to make a clearly documented claim that addresses every requirement filed in a timely manner. This last point is very important. Because of the large number of claims, there is a delay in processing new claims. Remember, you're dealing with the government here, so expect some bureaucratic hurdles in your way. So file early, and pay close attention to the requirements. Attention to details can make the difference between a denial and success claim.

In order to qualify, you need to prove to the government's satisfaction that you are truly disabled. But it is often a process that can be overwhelming and too much for the average person to handle on their own.

To start the social security disability (SSD) or supplemental security income (SSI) benefits application process, you have several options. You can apply in person at your local Georgia Social Security Administration office, you can call the national toll-free hotline or you can apply online at the SSA website. Your fourth option is to call a social security disability benefits advocate. While it isn't mandatory to have a disability benefits lawyer help you through every portion of the claims process, their knowledge of SSD and SSI regulations can assist you with avoiding much of the red tape involved in getting your case resolved successfully.


The Good Samaritan Health Center
239 Alexander Street
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: (404) 523-6571

Atlanta Community Access Coalition
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: (404) 730-1225

The ACAC is a coalition of 12 healthcare and social service agencies that have developed a community based healthcare system to improve access to healthcare services throughout Fulton and DeKalb County for uninsured and underinsured residents. The "Mobile Dental Unit" link provides more information about dental care services provided to eligible residents.

American Association of Medical Colleges The Center for Black Women's Wellness, Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: (404) 688-9202

Site provides information about several programs directed by the CBWW group, including the Wellness Clinic (click on Wellness programs, and then the Wellness Clinic link) that operates on a sliding scale, and also accepts Medicaid. Also provides information about the Atlanta Healthy Start program.

Grady Oral Health Center
35 Butler Street SE
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: (404) 616-3304

Sees only children, infants to age 18.

Grady Oral Health Center
341 Ponce de Leon Avenue
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: (404) 616-9772

HIV and AIDS patients.

Mercy Health Care Clinics, Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: (404) 249-8600

Downtown Atlanta and one in the Northeast Plaza on Buford Highway. Five days a week. These clinics provide a full array of medical services for low-income individuals and families.

Southside Medical Center, Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: (404) 688-1350

The Southside Medical Center is dedicated to serving impoverished individuals with medical and treatment services, including adult medicine, teen health and women's health areas.

St. Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta Teaching Hospitals Programs for the Uninsured
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: (404) 880-3550

Community-based programs designed to help working families: wellness programs, preventative and primary care medicine, health education initiatives and emergency care. Select region of country for listings of local hospitals and services.

Ben Massell Dental Clinic
18 17th Street
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: (404) 881-1858

Adults Only. Cleanings, fillings, extractions, partials, dentures. One year wait for dentures and orthodontic services.

West End Medical Center
868 York Avenue
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: (404) 752-1400

Basic dental work. Children of any age and adults.


Physician's Care Clinic
2665 N. Decatur Rd., Suite 220 B
Decatur, GA
Phone #: (404) 501-7940
Director: Ruth Oster, RN, MS


Good News Community Health Center
983 Davis Street
Gainsville, GA
Director: Kim Smith, RN Clinical Dir, Sam Poole, MD, Med.


Hope Health Clinic, Griffin
Griffin, GA
Phone #: (770) 412-1053
Mon. - Thur. 8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
Friday 8:30 - 11:00 A.M.

The Hope Health Clinic serves Spalding County residents who are not covered by government health care programs and who are unable to afford private insurance. The services provided include complete medical exams and follow-up examinations as needed, routine and general medical care and many more options. Fees are based on income.


The Good Shepherd Clinic
Morrow, GA
Phone #: 770-968-1310
Director: Dr. Thomas Kelley


Savannah Health Mission, Inc.
PO Box 24166
Savannah, GA
Phone #: 912-350-5025
Director: Tricia Noone

Cleanings, exams, fillings, and extractions. Children 5 and up and adults. A sliding scale fee is available to those who qualify.

Atlanta, Georgia Social Security Administration Local Offices

In Atlanta, your Social Security disability contact is:

Social Security Administration
1513 Cleveland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30344-6947
(800) 772-1213

2630 Martin Luther King Jr SW
Atlanta, GA 30311
(404) 691-8898

Georgia Geographical Factoid:

Georgia is 300 miles long and 230 miles across at its widest point, and at 59,441 square miles has the greatest land area of all states east of the Mississippi River.
Did You Know This Piece of Georgia Trivia?:

The world's largest sculpture - depicting Confederate heroes Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson - is carved into the face of Stone Mountain, Georgia.
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