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Finding Your Social Security Disability Lawyer Is Easy

The information on this site can help you understand the process you will face during the initial application or in contesting a denial. Contact us for free professional assistance.
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Mississippi Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you live in Mississippi

This page provides information useful to residents of the state of Mississippi. Additionally, we include some information on Social Security offices in the capital, Jackson, and some very useful information on free medical care throughout MS.

With the namesake of the great American waterway, Mississippi is the proud home of a labor force with skill sets appropriate for modern era and tend to farms, waterways and cities with great pride. Our workers have built quality lifestyles through the efforts of hard work, determination and smart planning. When a citizen is injured and unable to work, there is an increased likelihood of financial burden placed on the family, and without assistance the quality of life will clearly decline. To address this problem, the Social Security Administration oversees a disability insurance program that can deliver much needed assistance to those in need.

Regardless of where in Mississippi you reside, the consequences of a disability are much more than physical discomfort, medical care, loss of function. In addition to the stress of the disability itself, there is the financial strain when the cost of medical bills is added to everyday household expenses. Social Security disability benefits often provide the only way that many MS families are able to stay afloat. If you are someone who is currently disabled and as a result unable to work, it is imperative that you learn about Social Security disability insurance. Available to all US citizens who qualify, this government run program can mean the difference between a ruined life, and one where benefits contribute to the healing process. We urge you to read this site, contact your local SSA office (the local office in Jackson is listed below), and learn more about the requirements for eligibility. You need to preserve all your medical records, and pay close attention to the documents you will be required to supply, making sure they are complete and up to date. File early. This is a government program and lots of people apply, so get your application in as soon as you have the proper documentation. If you would like to contact an experienced attorney to help you, click here. You don't need a lawyer to file a claim, but having an advocate who knows the ropes can help you file a successful claim.

In order to qualify, you need to prove to the government's satisfaction that you are truly disabled. But it is often a process that can be overwhelming and too much for the average person to handle on their own.

To start the social security disability (SSD) or supplemental security income (SSI) benefits application process, you have several options. You can apply in person at your local Mississippi Social Security Administration office, you can call the national toll-free hotline or you can apply online at the SSA website. Your fourth option is to call a social security disability benefits advocate. While it isn't mandatory to have a disability benefits lawyer help you through every portion of the claims process, their knowledge of SSD and SSI regulations can assist you with avoiding much of the red tape involved in getting your case resolved successfully.


Helping Hands Free Clinic
1001 South Harper Road
Corinth, MS
Phone #: 662-286-3596

Jackson, Mississippi Social Security Administration Local Offices

To contact the Jackson Social Security Administration office:

Social Security Administration
100 W Capitol St., Suite 401
Jackson, MS 39269-0497
(601) 965-5377

Mississippi Geographical Factoid:

Mississippi's geography is complex: it is formed by a low fertile delta resting between the Yazoo and Mississippi Rivers. Bluffs of loess (loamy deposits left by the wind) border the delta, followed by sandy Gulf coastal terraces, prairie, and pine woods. The state also has sandy hills in the northeast, and black prairie belt and flatlands turning north to central highlands.
Did You Know This Piece of Mississippi Trivia?:

The nation's first female letter-carrier hailed from Mississippi: in 1914, Mamie Thomas delivered mail by buggy to the area southeast of Vicksburg.
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